COVID Impacts on Business ‘The Survival Series’

Easy steps to get through and rebuild your life, health and business from the inside out.

Starts: Thursday Sep 16, 2021

When: Thursdays 12:30 – 1:30pm

Q&A every Friday: at 12:30pm – 1pm

Workshop Overview

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Scared? Confused? Feel heavy, burdened and tired? All of the above?

This FREE 7-part ‘Seeds of Hope – Online Survival Series’ will give you the support you need to get through the immense pressures businesses are currently experiencing through COVID and nationwide lockdowns. The adverse reactions and impacts this is having on businesses, individuals, families and economies are causing so much overwhelm and we want to support you and your teams.

This online workshop/webinar aims to empower business leaders and their teams and rebuild hope and faith to not only keep going but blossom from the inside out!

Hosted by HOLGRO and their amazing partners, topics will cover a range of practical and powerful practices as well as offer pathways to empower you with the tools you need to decide your next steps in life, health and business.

While the outside world may be chaotic, that doesn’t mean our personal or professional lives have to be. This series will help lift any burden, confusion and overwhelm you may be feeling, and give a series of easy steps and exercises that will get you on your way to a healthier and happier mind, body and business!

Each session will be an hour followed by a 30min Q&A the next day. Each will be recorded for you to catch up or view again in your own time!

Taking a truly holistic approach, these highly skilled practitioners and facilitators will help you with the following and more!

  • Calm your nervous system and create ‘space’ and restore balance
  • Reconnect with yourself to find hope and pathways
  • Wellness in crisis – essential habits of health & immunity
  • Family, kids & business – creating positive relationships & experiences
  • Discover or rediscover your passion, rekindle your purpose and spirit
  • Tools for personal & professional growth
  • Setting strategic ‘SMART’ goals
  • Diving into ‘you’ & your ‘why’- authentic branding & messaging

Your Host

Laticia Gibson, Founder HOLGRO®.

Laticia has nearly two decades of experience in communication and marketing. A former TV reporter and news journalist, she’s passionate about creating and sharing powerful stories.

She’s the founder and CEO of two companies, Blue Clay Creatives which she’s run for over 10 years, and HOLGRO®, a new online platform to help holistically cultivate regional leaders across mind, body and business.

HOLGRO was born out of her love of regional Australia. Her vision is to help grow the long-term prosperity of these areas – to foster change, cultivate balance, inspire evolution and activate potential; empowering these Australians – for the entire Nation.

Your Experts

Kerrie Otto De Grancy, Co-Founder Evolve Yourself Institute®.

Kerrie is an international speaker, wellbeing coach and published health and wellness writer.

With over 20 years of meditation, yoga and breath experience, Kerrie is a mindfulness expert who has been practising as a self-development coach for over 5 years. A proud advocate of mental and physical wellbeing and leader in wellbeing solutions.

Kerrie says, “The power that comes from self-awareness, exploring within and using tools such as meditation is transformative on the levels of mind, body and spirit. It can be the key to inner peace and turn your life into everything you desire.”

Mark Varitimos, Holistic Health Practitioner

Mark’s holistic approach helps people achieve their health and wellness goals by addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Combining principles of nutrition, movement and other lifestyle factors, he’s worked with an array of clients across all walks of life and helped them achieve remarkable, long-term improvements in energy, immune health, mental health and disease.

Prior to entering health and wellness, Mark worked in the Banking and Finance industry for ten years. As a result, he understands the importance of performing well in business while maintaining a high quality of health.

Dr Morgan Weber, Wave Chiropractic.

A self-confessed ‘health nut’, Morgan has always been intrigued with how things work and discovering the key principles to lead an extraordinary, empowered and natural life. He lives and breathes these universal principles in his own life, family’s and practice members.

“The more I learn and discover about our amazing body, the more I am blown away at the potential within each of us to overcome any challenge, limitation or circumstance and live life to the fullest at our optimal potential”. A world of people functioning this way is a worthy vision that drives Morgan each and every day to inspire more people.

Marie Louise, Co-Founder, Evolve Yourself Institute.

A published author, program developer, yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, alchemist, meditation/breath facilitator, Marie’s worked with thousands of people worldwide for over ten years in the field of human development. From trauma, mindset, creativity and peak performance, she’s passionate about the power of self-discovery for mental, emotional, physical, spiritual wellbeing. Her facilitation merges the best of modern science and consciousness-based practices to open a pathway in the elevation of consciousness.

“We’re born in one of the most sophisticated instruments – our body/mind/spirit. Learning how to use it is the exploration of potentiality.”

Susanne Bransgrove, Founder Women in Family Business Network

A family business specialist, thought leader and entrepreneur, Susanne has championed the work of women in family businesses at speaking engagements across the world including NAB’s International Women’s Day and Poland’s 2020 Family Business Week Symposium. Her articles on family succession have been featured by various national media outlets including ABC Radio, Sky News Australia and more.

Susanne values integrity, compassion and empathy and strongly believes it’s time to balance conversations to better enable decision-making for future generations.

Justeen Kirk, Justeen Kirk Consulting, Committee 4 Wagga.

Justeen is a Project Manager, a Consultant, a Chairperson, a Doer, a Wife, and a Mum. Justeen loves being able to help people to achieve their goals, personal and professional. With over 20 years’ experience delivering projects and 5 years leading teams, Justeen understands the power of a well thought out goal to achieve your objectives.

Justeen’s advice to all: “Know what drives you. Understand your values. I have always loved helping people and when I combine that with my values of Integrity, Ownership and Accountability it provides a really strong platform for a successful business that leaves me fulfilled and satisfied”.

Program Overview

WEEK #1 – 16th Sept

Breath practice and its benefits
Facilitator: Marie Louise Evolve Yourself Institute®

Discover tools to enhance an engaged life and regain your internal power. Explore the impact of conscious breathing and discover how it rewires automatic reactions of stress, fear and angst.

  • Basic understanding of the fight flight response
  • What is the common element for a flourishing business
  • The benefits of conscious breathing practice
  • Learn a breath practice to cultivate wellness inside out

WEEK #2 – 23rd Sept

6 foundations of a robust immune system
Facilitator: Mark Varitimos, Holistic Health Practitioner

Learn about how stress impacts our health and learn key foundations to improving your immune system and overall health.

  • An overview of the immune system
  • Practical tips on how to strengthen the immune system
  • Address some of the challenges in implementing good health principles
  • How these foundations can assist with overall health

WEEK #3 – 30th Sept

The power of emotions and their effects on the body
Facilitator: Dr Morgan Weber, Wave Chiropractic

Learn the principles and tools to experience an extraordinary, empowered & natural life through the power of emotions and their effects on the body. Learn how to take profound, fun and dynamic action!

  • What’s your body telling you?
  • Channel the intelligence within you to transform your body, your life & your business
  • Breaking through stuck and limiting emotions
  • Discover the power of NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique) & gratitude

WEEK #4 – 7th Oct

Shifting mindset through your environment
Facilitator: Marie Louise and Kerrie Otto de Grancy Evolve Yourself Institute®

Learn the ABC Method to empower your choices with awareness of the triggers of the environment and how they stimulate both positive or negative feedback.

  • How does your environment influence your internal world
  • Harnessing your power to choose
  • Thoughts, feelings, emotions and their influence
  • Learn the ABC Method

WEEK #5 – 14th Oct

Family in business
Facilitator: Susanne Bransgrove, Women in Family Business

Learn all about why being a family in business can be so complex and why building a strong foundation of communication and inclusion is important for the survival of your family and the business. 

  • The reality of living within a family system 
  • Why good business comes from good families 
  • The building blocks for a strong foundation 
  • Maintaining balance

WEEK #6 – 21st Oct

Reflecting your inside out
Facilitator: Laticia Gibson, HOLGRO

How to dive into your business and personal brand to ensure it is a true reflection of who you are. Uncovering the right messaging to attract the clients you want.

  • Diving into your ‘why’
  • Creating your story brand
  • Delving into client limitations
  • Crafting messages that cut-through, connect and Convert

WEEK #7 – 28th Oct

Creating SMART goals
Facilitator: Justeen Kirk, Justeen Kirk Consulting

With strategic actions and strategies, creating a positive roadmap and SMART goals with clear and measurable outcomes.

  • Are your Goals SMART?
  • Can you monitor and track your progress?
  • Do you know what issues you are likely to encounter along the way?
  • What actions do you or others need to take to achieve your goals?

We are excited to bring you so many wonderful teachers. This workshop is set to be a transformative opportunity and we hope you can join us!

Don’t forget to register here. A reminder that all sessions are recorded and will be made available via the HOLGRO platform.